Skills and Capabilities
Policis staff and research associates bring together high level economic and social research skills with a detailed and current understanding of the issues in the various specialist sectors in which we operate. Our technical and domain expertise is backed by a passionate concern for consumers and service users and by an unswerving dedication to independence, balance and research quality to support evidence-based policy formulation.
We seek to add significant value to all of our research projects, undertaking both original consumer research and secondary research, drawing on both our knowledge and research base and public and academic sources. We offer a full range of research, analytical and modelling techniques.
Qualitative research
• Consumers
• Service users
• Policy makers
• Policy regulators
• Domain experts
• Stakeholders
• Opinion leaders
Quantitative research
• Design and testing
• Fieldwork management
• Execution
Analysis and interpretation
• Advanced modelling and statistical skills
• Econometrics and forecasting