Poverty and social and financial inclusion
Policis have a long-standing research interest in poverty issues, in provision of financial services to those on low incomes and in the social and economic impacts of financial and credit exclusion, both for individuals and communities, in the UK and internationally. Recent and current research projects have included extensive work on affordable credit solutions and the impact of credit and debt on standards of living, quality of life and the ability to manage finances and household budgets effectively and on money advice and building financial capability.
Recent projects have included work for The Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, Save the Children, The National Consumer Council and The Joseph Rowntree Foundation. We have collaborated on research on affordable credit with colleagues from the Personal Finance Research Centre at Bristol University , the National Consumer Council, the Research Unit for Financial Inclusion at Liverpool John Moores University and the Association of British Credit Unions Ltd.
Policis, in conjunction with PFRC at Bristol University , has also undertaken ground-breaking research to map and scale the extent of illegal lending in the UK and to examine its impact on victims and the deprived communities in which illegal money lenders operate. This work has informed the development of BERR's illegal money lending enforcement teams and the decision by HM Treasury to establish a national network of illegal money lending projects, supported by the Financial Inclusion Fund.